Jason Fulford in South Korea for the printing of The Mushroom Collector

 Announcement of The Mushroom Collector 
(glassine case with color cards and letterpress insert )

I emailed photographer and publisher of J&L Books Jason Fulford to thank and compliment him on his beautiful old-fashioned snail mail announcement for The Mushroom Collector soon to be published by The Soon Institute. Jason informed me that he would be going to press in South Korea in the following week. Since Ron Jude had so kindly offered to do an on-press story in 2008 for his book Other Nature published by The Ice Plant, I asked Jason if he would be willing to do a comparable story. What I received back was more of a journal of his trip and I am pleased that Jason has allowed me to publish this a private snapshot of his travels to Seoul.

Keep an eye out for an interview with Lorenzo De Rita of The Soon Institute in the next few weeks.
Photographs by Niek van Lonkhuijzen, Mediabus and Jason Fulford.

1. Welcome to Seoul. This week we printed two books. One for J&L: a book of watercolours by Jason Logan titled Festus. And one for The Soon Institute: my new book, The Mushroom Collector.

2. Niek and I set up in our office at the printer.

3. I slipped on my work shoes.

4. Wet proofs were produced, and we made final color corrections to the files.

5. That evening, the sulphur smoked duck (with sesame leaves and chives) tasted like ham.

6. Our hotel was an old Hanok.

7. We climbed Inwangsan, on the northern edge of Seoul.
Buddhist temple music mingled with the pine needles.

8. Wild miniature dogs hid in the bushes near Skeleton Rock.

9. Would hitting baseballs help the jetlag? After a few rounds, the bat flew out of my hands.


11. Final measurements for the dust jacket.

12. We tried all of the vending machine drinks.

13. Seoul Art Cinema was playing Japanese movies with Korean subtitles.

14. The best new thing to happen to Seoul.

15. I was invited to give a talk about J&L.

16. Two suitcases worth of books.

17. Press time.

18. We checked the pages as they came off the press.

19. I love the sounds and smells of the press floor.


21. The printed pages are put aside until the ink dries. Binding will happen in two weeks.

22. PMS 511

23. Printing the endpapers.

24. The crystal ball said wet shoes and black sesame buns.

25. Meanwhile Cw.Gu tried not to electrocute himself.

26. Jeong Eun Kim showed me the latest issue of IANN. (photographs by Hein-kuhn Oh)

27. A final postcard session at MMMG before driving to the airport.

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