Gregory Schaffer Print Fundraiser

Years ago, Gregory Schaffer walked into my office looking for a photobook. He has an extensive photobook library and he was hungry for a purchase. I suggested one of my favorite books at the time (and one which has continued to be a favorite) Sophie Ristelhueber's Details of the World. That recommendation forged a pen pal-type relationship that lasted through his time in the Peace Corps in China and his move to Seattle, Washington. Gregory is now planning an exhibition and as part of the fundraising, he is selling the print shown above that was taken during his time in China. It is printed in an edition of ten on 13x19 inch inkjet pigmented paper. For more info visit his blog. I think there is still one left as of August 8th. Email him to inquire at trickygregor@yahoo.com.

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tangledeye said...

Thanks for the post! They're sold out now!