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Many of you out there, assuming that there are many, will notice that my photo has disappeared and been replaced by a logo not unlike an abstract, computer-generated interpretation of a typological form often photographed by Hilla and Bernd Becher. Well, good guess! It is an abstract, computer-generated interpretation of a typological form often photographed by the Bechers. The logos were designed for a project on Creative Commons and available for viewing on the website TOBERND/YOURHILLA. So far the logos have been assigned to some very repritupable blogs including Hippolyte Bayard, Sister I'm A, and Mrs. Deane. I am happy to be including in this grouping. There are a few more logos available. Email Didier Falzone at hello[at]elviegraphisme[dot]com to see if you can snag a logo now. Now find the more technical (and accurate) description from Didier below.

More info on the project:
TOBERND/YOURHILLA is a generative logo project on slot basis. Nine serial logos released in Creative Commons license for nine visual-related websites. toberndyourhilla.tumblr.com

In the TOBERND,YOURHILLA project, each slot of a 3x3 logo grid evoke one of the storage silos documented by the couple and arranged into grid for comparation of form and design. If the typologies documented by Bernd and Hilla emulate "the clarity of an engineer’s drawing", these logos allude to the forces of the composition to get a visual represantation to be used as one-way identity. Once the nine signs will be assigned, the digital manipulation will mirrors itself in a systematic community auto-generated.
In the art world, the term "generative" refers to a system of creation defined by computer software algorithms in order to get autonomous processes. Taking the cue from this idea, this series of generative logos was born performing a series of common software’s batch actions on a series of photographs by the Becher’s couple. The strict research for hidden visual forces into the photographic work, find a similar visual parallelism into the logos, turning an outwardly random but mathematical process into a series of consistent visual forms to be vectorialized in logotypes.

Each logo is provided under the terms of a Creative Commons public license. Detailedinformations about the type of license can be found here: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/

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Too many things going on, including posting on the photo-eye Blog now. My first post is an entry on the excellent new book by Ed Templeton,  Drinking the Kool-Aid

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