New Mexico Photography Website and Call for Entry

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The blog has not been very active for the month of October because I was working on a collaborative effort with four other New Mexico photographers--
Jonathan Blaustein, Jesse Chehak, David Ondrik and Jennifer Schlesinger-- to form Flash Flood. Although my article was delayed, there is some great content on the site including:

The Clock Didn’t Really Stop Long Ago by David Ondrik. A review of Craig Varjabedian’s photography exhibition at the Albuquerque Museum, on view through October 11, 2009.

Scott B. Davis, New Mexico Influences by Jonathan Blaustein. An interview with Scott B. Davis, Artist and Director of Exhibitions at the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego, California, who received his BFA from University of New Mexico in 2000.

The New Director of Scheinbaum & Russek, Ltd, Andra Russek by Jennifer Schlesinger. Russek recently migrated back to her hometown from New York where she worked at Swann and Sotheby’s Photography Departments.

Flash Flood’s New Mexico curated by Jesse Chehak. A call for images for Flash Flood-curated essays and portfolios from readers contributions.

Most important is the call for work created in New Mexico to be curated by Jesse Chehak. Submissions are due by October 25th, 2009. Find the specs here and email foto@flash-flood.org.


Call for Entry: Shots Magazine 2009 Portfolio Issue

Shots Magazine: The 2009 PORTFOLIO ISSUE
Submit a cohesive series or simply a selection of your best images. Photographers selected for inclusion will be interviewed for publication and featured on at least 4 pages in this annual edition of SHOTS. (Note: Photographers who have been featured in past Portfolio Issues or who have been the subjects of interviews are not eligible for this issue.)

Send 12 to 20 images for consideration.


An established independent photography journal in its 23rd year of publication, SHOTS Magazine reaches an international audience of photographers, collectors, galleries, museums, educators and other fine art photography enthusiasts. Don't miss this chance to have your work seen!

All submissions must be received by November 2nd, 2009

Call for Entry: Issue 3, SuperMassiveBlackHole

Submissions for the Theme section are still being accepted - for Issue#3 the theme is open so there is no specific subject.

For an idea of what they publish check out the previous two issues on the website (do not forget you can still find Issue#1 in the Archive),
and please read the Submission Guidelines before submitting.

Deadline is November 1st, 2009.

For more info, email smbhmag@gmail.com.