Review Santa Fe Recovery

Although I love to travel to other cities for portfolio reviews and art festivals, I feel privileged to live in a city that hosts Review Santa Fe, one of the most prestigious reviews in the world. When Review takes place in Santa Fe in June, the air is cool in the evenings and the days are often pleasant even with the unusually small amount of humidity in the air. This year's portfolios and awards were selected by a prominent jury which Elizabeth Avedon details in La Lettre de la Photographie (Avedon also details many of the event's festivities and other info can be found on CENTER's site). Although all the photographers are listed on CENTER's site, I wanted to point out the work of those who I had the pleasure meeting with one-on-one. Here are the links to the artists presented in order of appearance at the table. 

Jared Soares from Martinsville
Donna J. Wan from Promised Lands

Lauren Lancaster from Playing Normal

Jesse & Jason Pearson from Iron Sites in the Round
Ejen Chuang, Cosplay in America
Haruhiko Kawaguchi aka Photographer Hal, Couple Jam