Call for Entry: Open Call for Photography

I just found on 1000 Words Magazine.

3rd Ward is pleased to announce its first ever GROUP SHOW Open Call for Photography. This call culminates in an AMAZING group exhibition of the top 25 submissions - PLUS - one photographer will be awarded $500 & a 3rd Ward bike!

Deadline is July 31st, 2009.


Call for Entry: International Photography Competition

Resource Magazine + WIN-Initiative's 10 BEST 10 International Competition is a definitive showcase of the very best of contemporary photography.

The winners of 10 BEST 10 will have their work appear in a Gala Event and Exhibition that will kick off this year's Photo Expo Week. Additionally, interviews and spreads in Resource magazine and WINk magazine (WIN's online photography magazine) will give further exposure and press attention to the winning team of photographers.

Click here to view the judges and prizes.
It is free to enter and the deadline is August 5, 2009.


New Issue of Fraction No. 8

Fraction Magazine just released the new issue featuring the work of:

John Paul Caponigro

Kerry Mansfield

Claire Beckett

Ken Rosenthal

Katrina d'Autremont

Susana Raab

Kevin J Miyazaki

There is also a book review of Richard Renaldi's Fall River Boys by Tim Carpenter.

Dash Snow dies

"Dash Snow, a promising young New York artist, died Monday night at Lafayette House, a hotel in Lower Manhattan. He was 27 and lived in Manhattan. His death was confirmed by his grandmother, the art collector and philanthropist Christophe de Menil, who said that Mr. Snow had died of a drug overdose."

Read the obituary on New York Times.

Les Rencontres d'Arles 2009 Book Prize Announced

This year's Les Rencontres d'Arles Book Prize was awarded to From Back Home by JH Engström given to In History by Susan Meiselas.
Jeff Ladd at 5b4 has a full report on the photobook awards at this year's festival.

Critical Mass Deadline Approaching

L to R: Andy Freeberg, Céline Clanet, and Priya Kambli

Time to register for Critical Mass is now.
The deadline is July 22


Photography Book Now Deadline July 16th

Photography Book Now deadline is July 16th. For info on the competition, check out Photography Book Now website or the interview with the Darius Himes on photo-eye and Ground Glass.

New Book (Not a Zine): Jonnie Craig

I love the concept of democratic books and the love the realization even more. Years after photographers like Ryan McGinley shocked many with his "lifestyle" images, young photographers like Jonnie Craig are continuing to document what they see and experience. Morel books, who has produced Someone's Life by Gerard Malanga and My Shit is God by Paul Herbst and the sold out Nothing in Particular by Jonnie Craig, are now offering Untitled by Jonnie Craig. This new book is available from Morel Books with 25% offer for my blog readers only. Click here for the offer.

Nate Larson: Kirlian Photographs

Nate Larson

Soon after the online group show The Un-Natural Nature of Food was published on Fraction, I received a few emails from photographers who had related work. Nate Larson emailed me a link to his
Kirlian Photographs of food. Larson introduces the process in his introduction:

Kirlian Photography is a process that uses electricity rather than light to make contact images on photographic media. The Russian-born inventor Semyon Kirlian pioneered the process in 1939, which works by illuminating the electrical field around an object and recording the multi-colored emanations on photographic film or paper."

Check out Spam, Chunk Light Tuna, Banana and Chicken McNuggets at Nate Larson's website.


Baudelaire on Photography

"An avenging God has heard the prayer of this multitude; Daguerre was his messiah. And then they said to themselves: 'Since photography provides us with every desirable guarantee of exactitude' (they believe that, poor madmen!) 'art is photography'. From that moment onwards, our loathsome society rushed, like Narcissus, to contemplate its trivial image on the metallic plate. A form of lunacy, an extraordinary fanaticism, took hold of these new sun-worshippers....

It was not long before thousands of pairs of greedy eyes were glued to the peepholes of the stereoscope, as though they were the skylights of the infinite....

As the photographic industry became the refuge of all failed painters with too little talent, or too lazy to complete their studies, the universal craze not only assumed the air of blind and imbecile infatuation, but took on the aspect of revenge....

Photography must, therefore, return to its true duty, which is that of handmaid of the arts and sciences, but their very humble handmaid, like printing and shorthand, which have neither created nor supplemented literature...." ---From The Salon of 1859

Call for Entry: Shots 105

SHOTS Magazine announces an international call for photographic work to be considered for publication in the Autumn Issue, SHOTS no. 105. The theme for this issue is MALE/FEMALE. Please visit the SHOTS website for further information and submittal guidelines.

An established independent photography journal entering its 23rd year of publication, SHOTS reaches an international audience of photographers, collectors, galleries, museums, educators and other fine art photography enthusiasts. Don't miss this chance to have your work seen!

Submittals must be received by August 5, 2009.

Online submittals are now accepted.

Click for submittal guidelines