Follow-up on Newsprint and the Contemporary Photobook

Thanks to those who emailed my as a follow up to the Newsprint and Contemporary Photobook Series (No. 1 with Soth and Roth, No. 2 with Gottlund and Willing, and No. 3 with van der Weijde, Mazzeo and Gossage)

David Schoerner at Hassla emailed me the link to rgb transferences, 2010 by Pierre Le Hors. Le hors used the medium of newsprint to produce his publication on the occasion of his MFA Thesis. It is offset-printed on newsprint in an edition of 1000.

Sean Cousin's mentioned that I neglected to included Geert van Kesteren's Baghdad Calling
(printed by Drukkerij Robstalk). Cousin's states (and I hope he does not mind me quoting him):

"While bound as a book, the vast majority of the images are printed on newspaper, bar the text and images by Geert van Kesteren - the majority of the books images are by other individuals. Additionally, many of the images are derived from mobile phones. It is one of the most interesting books I have picked up in a long while. 

The combination of mobile phone images - as well as stills from moving images - and newspaper print is interesting: it excentuates the rudimentary nature of both."
Mentioning Baghdad Calling, I have to also list the follow up book by van Kesteren, Why Mister, Why? 
Cousin has a blog and has the link to The Newspaper Club in the UK in his signature. This might be the answer to the comment on an earlier post about whether any POD companies use this type of paper. 

Finally, I did not mention Hackney Rag with photos by Stephen Gill and Vintage Time Photography 1960s with photos by Kishin Shinoyama. Both books are 40 pages and published on newsprint by ArtBeat Publishers in Japan as part of their Lumen series. Thanks to Ashley Buttle for reminding me of these books.


mire said...

thanks for the tip about the newspaper club

Melanie McWhorter said...

Sure. Glad I could help. If I receive others info, I will post it.