Addendum to Last Post on Newsprint

I neglected to include an important addendum to Michael Mazzeo's interview about Down These Mean Streets. I am listing the comment below an adding to the previous post. 

The inspiration for the Down These Mean Streets newspaper came while walking around the New York Photo Festival with Jörg Colberg, of the Conscientious photography blog. While looking at publications and talking about Will's work and upcoming exhibition, I just happened to pick up a small newspaper containing photographs by a Dutch artist. Jörg, already familiar with Will's newspaper background, immediately made the connection and urged me to pursue a similar route. His encouragement  gave me the confidence to take on the project which I knew would have top be produced within a few weeks time.

My assistant on the project, Alex Brown, began contacting printers around the region and eventually found one who specialized in college newspapers. With school out for the summer, the presses were quiet and he was more than willing to give us a great price, simply to cover his overhead. He then worked with Steacy gathering jpgs and scans of his journal pages, before sending them to the designer.

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