Tooting My Own Horn: Fraction 15

 Bryan Formhals

Christy Karpinski

 Jane Tam

I am not the best a self-promotion as I neglected to promote the last issue of Fraction which included the work of Blake Andrews, Bryan Formhals, Christy Karpinski, Geoffrey Ellis, Jane Tam, Joerg Colberg, Todd Walker and me

 Blake Andrews

As a result of our work being published in Fraction, Blake Andrews and I participated in a online panel discussion with Michael M. Koehler on the blog of the artisian black-and-white printers Duck Rabbit Digital.

And finally, Fraction (forever) contributor, Geoffrey Ellis has a new zine titled Get off My Lawn featuring the work of Ellis along with contributors:

The theme being photographers over the age of 34. Only 222 copies printed, 11 of each artist gracing the cover. Read more on his blog Sad Kids about purchasing the magazine and the zine release party at Casanova in SF (that would be San Francisco, not Santa Fe) from 6-9pm on July 1st, 2010 (today).

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