Leftovers by Adam Jacono

As part of the panel discussion at Click646, I mentioned that I was still working on ideas about the ongoing project The Un-Natural Nature of Food where I am exploring on many levels our relationship with food and how photographic imagery can be used as a vehicle for information and education. After the panel Adam Jacono approached me about his project Leftovers. Here is a taste of some of his work.

"The Cafeteria: a site where food comes in a plentiful buffet, where steaming troughs of meat and cheese are piled high, and items on the menu are served hot-n'-a-lot. 

The week prior to my visits, this eastern North Carolina cafeteria had revoked food trays in efforts to conserve wash-water. This required frustrated diners to make multiple trips for food, but in my opinion the cafeteria was merely instituting an exercise regime of making people walk to, and from buffet isles. 

This project confronted patrons through photographs of a food identity, personal information can be gathered by the sitters' food choice. I would assume most Americans are concerned about waste and conservation, but who can resist breakfast, lunch, and desert in one sitting" -- Adam Jacono

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