The First Anniversary Issue of
Finite Foto: Where We Live

Iscah Trujillo

"In one short year, this collective has struggled with many issues. Longevity in the time of the internet can be short-lived, but we hope that Finite Foto will continue to produce quality content for years to come. The images in this, our First Anniversary Issue, are a mix of shoot-from-the hip snapshots and well-rounded portfolios about each artist’s notion of their idea of home as place. Many of the artists have supported us throughout the year with interviews, articles and portfolio features and a few are new contributors to our magazine. Welcome to our First Anniversary Issue, we hope you enjoy." — from the introduction of Finite Foto Issue 11

Oh Give Me A Home, Where Photographers Roam: A Commentary on Photography and Home by the Curator of Photography at the New Mexico Museum of Art, Katherine Ware
This Issue: Where We Live has portfolios by Jonathan Blaustein, David Bram, Micaela Butts, Antone Dolezal, Dan Milnor, David Ondrik, Darby Photos, Kelly Root, Iscah Trujillo, and Wendy Young.

 David Bram

 David Ondrik

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