Photolucida is This Week in Portland, OR

If you are in Portland, Oregon this week, there are some fantastic lunch time talks and events around Photolucida's portfolio reviews and Portland Photo Month. Below is the schedule of lunch time chats. There is also a lecture by Todd Hido at the Portland Art Museum and the Portfolio Walk among many other events. More info can be found on Photolucida's site or Portland Photo Month site.


Thursday, April 14th
Michael Itkoff

Since 2003, Daylight has engaged in innovative photographic publishing and community
art projects by re-imagining the documentary mode. Through collaboration with
established and emerging artists, scholars, and journalists, Daylight has become one of
the premier showcases for contemporary photography.
Culminating in a newly launched book program, Daylight's evolution consistently
models recent developments in contemporary photography. From magazine to
multimedia, daily blog to books, Daylight has consistently delivered quality content
through every available medium.
For his lunchtime talk, Michael Itkoff will be discussing Daylight's programmatic
activities in the context of the changing landscape of photography publishing. Itkoff will
provide a summary of Daylight’s output and discuss what lies ahead. Although
formatted as a traditional slideshow questions and comments are welcome and
encouraged during the presentation.

Friday, April 15th
Julie Blackmon

Julie Blackmon's recent body of work, ‘Line-Up’ recalls classic art historical motifs that
are re-contextualized with narratives inspired by the artist's own frenzied upbringing.
Blackmon underscores the chaos inherent in motherhood with a style that acts as both
documentation and caricature.
Blackmon carefully engineers her compositions, which are often obstructed by the
natural inclinations of her unruly subjects. Each photograph is the product of a series of
shots filled with edits and retakes, later digitally compiled into one single photograph,
presenting the viewer with a dynamic glimpse into an almost impossibly bold and
comical domestic landscape loaded with minute details and subplots.
Julie Blackmon will share how she started, how her work has evolved, and how she
continues to find inspiration, humor and meaning in life around her at home.
Saturday, April 16th
Lauren Henkin

The traditional model for presenting a photographic portfolio, the gallery show, is now
only one method for storytelling. Lauren Henkin, photographer and book artist, will talk
about her journey in shifting focus from presenting her work primarily in gallery shows
to handmade books.
She will talk about the decision to change focus, the advantages and challenges of
bookmaking, collaborating with artists in other disciplines, entering the book arts and
fine press communities, the differences in how to market a book versus prints, and offer
advice on how to get started in self publishing.
Henkin will conclude her talk by sharing her experience in discovering new avenues for
gaining exposure, sales, and artistic freedom as a result of publishing.
Sunday, April 17th
Larissa Leclair and Raymond Meeks

Ray Meeks, photographer and bookmaker, and Larissa Leclair, founder of the Indie
Photobook Library, will guide an informal discussion as a portal into self-publishing
today, delving into the nuanced and varied photobooks of Ray as a “case-study”.
They will begin by introducing Ray’s self-published titles and Nazraeli Press
publications, as well as his recent journal collaboration, “orchard”, with Silas Finch. They
will address Ray’s foray into independent publishing, which is firmly seated in a love for
pictures and narrative/short story, with the added impetus to self-fund. Most of these
books are photographed, edited, designed, and bound by the artist, creating a
powerfully intimate book. They will expand the conversation to touch briefly on a few
other artists and how they are making books.
Larissa will talk about self-publishing in a broader sense and give examples of how
photographers are generating an audience and support for their books even before they
are published, discuss collaborative approaches to bookmaking and distribution, and
highlight some current trends in the exciting world of self-publishing today.
The Indie Photobook Library will have a curated selection of photobooks from
their collection on view during Photolucida. The Indie Photobook Library is an
archive of self-published and indie published photobooks that both showcases
and preserves them through traveling exhibitions and as a non-circulating
public library.

Books will be selected by Melanie Flood, Shawn Records, and Larissa Leclair.
Location: In the “alcove”, second floor of the Benson.

Hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 9-11, 12:30-5 each day

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