Finite Foto's Issue Fourteen: Environment

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If the complete lack of antihistamines at Walgreens didn’t make it clear, a quick look out the window will confirm it: New Mexico is in the midst of spring. The trees are budding, flowers blooming, and the winds are raging. The temperature is just about perfect. The bees are back in business and as the plants and animals emerge from their winter hibernation, it’s easy to feel connected to the natural rhythms of the planet. It can’t be an accident that Earth Day is in April, and with our mind on all the photographers around the state inspired by the natural world, we decided our April edition of Finite Foto would be devoted to the Environment.

In this issue Melanie McWhorter interviews Dornith Doherty about the world’s botanical reserves; Subhankar Banerjee writes about his photographic work; David Ondrik reviews Earth Now: American Photographers and the Environment; we show Jamey Stillings’ new photos; Antone Dolezal talks to Phil Underdown about his recent work; Jennifer Schlesinger presents Nancy Sutor’s Compose Decompose; Jonathan Blaustein profiles Dorie Hagler; and we show a portfolio of Jeremiah Ariaz’s work.
Jamey Stillings’ The Bridge at Hoover Dam

Jeremiah Ariaz’s Reconsidering Landscape

Dorie Hagler’s Keeping the Faith

Nancy Sutor’s Compose Decompose

Phil Underdown’s The Projects That Find Me:
An Interview with Phil Underdown by Antone Dolezal

Earth Now: A Book Review by David Ondrik
Documenting the World’s Botanical Reserves:
An Interview with Dornith Doherty by Melanie McWhorter

Full Circle: Birds of New Mexico:
A Personal Essay by Subhankar Banerjee

Finite Foto is a new media collective that investigates and promotes the intersection of photography and culture in the state of New Mexico. We are dedicated to bringing awareness to the global art community about both historical and contemporary photography from all regions of the state.

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