WPOW show as Part of Foto Week DC

FOTOWEEK: November 7th - 14th
FOTOWEEK DC Opening Reception: November 7th @ 7pm
Show Length: November 7th – 2010

As WPOW evolves from a local organization into a national nonprofit, the show
represents the organization's mission to connect to and educate the public of the work of women photographers, appropriated titled Launch. Members entries were to embody the words "embark, initiate, introduce and propel" as the theme of this show.

This show was generously curated by *Susanne Miklas (*Newsweek’s Deputy
Director of Photography), *Melanie McWhorter (Photo-Eye’s Book Division Manager) and *Pamela Chen* (Photography and Multimedia Producer for the Open Society Institute.)

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Astrid Riecken, Allison Shelley, Abby Greenawalt, Ashley Twiggs, Algerina Perna, Amanda Lucidon, Andrea Bruce, Carol Guzy, Gabriela Bulisova, Jamie Rose, Katie Falkenberg, Laura Elizabeth Pohl, Melina Mara, Sarah L.Voisin & Yanina Manolova

WPOW is Women Photojournalists of Washington, a non-profit organization of over 200 professional and student photojournalists, photo editors and multimedia professionals in the Washington D.C. metro area. The group provides education, mentorship and networking opportunities to its members
and the general public.

The slide show, print and traveling exhibit of Launch are exclusively sponsored by Camera Bits, the makers of Photo Mechanic.

photo credit: Andrea Bruce

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