Contest to Win a Bruce Haley Limited Edition Portfolio

copyright, Bruce Haley

Click this link for a chance to win a free copy of Bruce Haley's limited edition portfolio.

Here is the info on the hunt from Bruce:

The section of this website entitled “The Post-Apocalyptic World” is strictly for you industrial junkies, you science fiction lovers, you gamers - all of you who enjoy immersing yourself into vast wastelands of dead machinery… I have a great deal of such material that I will probably never get to use, so I thought I would make this like an online opening of my contact sheets - put it up rough (straight scans with zero adjustments and no spotting) and show a large amount of work that has never been seen before… you can also view this as if you were stepping through the rubble and exploring these sites right alongside of me… and I also thought that it would be fun to have a contest of sorts, a post-apocalyptic version of “Where’s Waldo?” - there are close to 400 images in this section, covering vast swaths of land, and yet these places are almost entirely devoid of human life… almost… there are six people to be found in there… and a dog… five of the people are very easy to spot… one of the people, however, is damn difficult… and the dog isn’t too easy, either… so, for the first five people who locate all six humans and the dog, I will send you a copy of my limited-edition industrial portfolio (which you can read about elsewhere on this website)… oh, and here’s a hint - if you click on "info" at the bottom of your screen (by the advance arrows), this will bring up a number for each image... you will see, however, that only the first 135 images are numbered... so if you haven't found everyone by photo 135, then you're getting colder.... - B.

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