Postcards By My Desk: McNair Evans

McNair Evans is from my world-- both the American South and, of course, photography. He is a southern gentleman and being the small photo world as it is, we have some friends in common who still live and practice the art in South Carolina and surrounding states. His photos bring to mind the slow living in this area of the United States. He captures quite moments that could be almost anywhere, but are undeniably Southern. His card with the image from the project and zine, A Journal of Southern History, make me pine for my homeland every day (even though I simply think I am too cosmopolitan, I am a country girl at heart). Many of his images are taken in the winter months, with leaves falling off the deciduous trees and the kudzu even relenting for a while. The fading light that falls over most of the images giving them a glow and light falls on its subjects who for a time can forget the unrelenting heat of the hot summer months. There is an ease and comfortable feeling to his photos that epitomize the lifestyle of this region. This project and others can be found on his website and blog.

Postcard of image by McNair Evans

Back of postcard by McNair Evans

McNair Evans' zine, A Journal of Southern History

copyright McNair Evans

copyright McNair Evans

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