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Liz Cohen, Bodywork. Michael Schmelling, Atlanta, James Mollison with Rainbow Nelson, The Memory of Pablo Escobar

My essay The Punctuation of Photobooks in Ahorn Magazine was published upon the release of Ahorn's newest issue. Check out the article along with interviews with Cuny Janssen and Jocelyn Lee, a conversation with Ron Jude and Ed Panar, and book reviews by Nicholas Gottlund and Adam Bell for Foreclosure by Taro Hirano and Jason Fulford's The Mushroom Collector, respectively.

My interview by Lauren Henkin on Photo Radio as part of her interview series from Photolucida. The interviews that have been released as of today are Aline Smithson, Cat Gwynn David Bram The interviews yet to come include:

Reviewer Susan Spiritus, Susan Spiritus Gallery
Reviewer Kevin Miller, Southeast Museum of Photography
Photographer Christopher Churchill, Amesbury, Massachusetts
Photographer Kirk Crippens, San Francisco, California
Photographer Michael Borek, Washington, DC
Photographer Rania Matar, Boston, Massachusetts

You can email Lauren Henkin to find out about updates to the Photo Radio Blog and contact Ahorn Magazine to join their mailing list.

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