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We launched Finite Foto's Alternatives issue last month. We have switched to a bimonthly magazine so the recent content is online. Visit finitefoto.com to see the entire issue or search the back issues.

"Alternative is a tricky description. To be meaningful, it relies on an accepted mainstream. And when something that was once an alternative becomes ubiquitous, is it still useful to call it alternative? I can't help but snicker when people call Nirvana or The Cure "alternative music," as if filling stadiums with screaming fans and heavy rotation on the radio is only mainstream when it's the Rolling Stones or Britney Spears. Just like music, when talking about photography it is increasingly difficult to define what "mainstream" is.  Is it an aesthetic? A process? A subject? How many people like it? When it is difficult to agree on a mainstream, it is even more difficult to meaningfully describe an alternative." -- David Ondrik


Kevin Sullivan writes about the changing landscape of "alternative process" photography. Mr. Sullivan currently teaches non-silver photography at Santa Fe Community College, and handled technical support for the foremost alternative process photo supplier Bostick & Sullivan for nearly a decade.

David Ondrik interviews Chip Thomas about his large-scale photographic paste-ups, biking across Africa, and the ups-and-downs of street art.

Vera Sprunt is an artist working with photography. We're showing a collection of 19 of her luminous, multi-layered images.

Melanie McWhorter showcases four photographers working with wet-plate collodion photography.

Todd Stewart has been photographing New Mexico for 20 years. We're pleased to present 20 of his platinum/palladium images.

Justyna Badach has been collaborating on a series of portraits with bachelors over the past five years.

Melanie McWhorter interviews the guys behind Axle Contemporary, a mobile exhibition space that was founded in 2010.

Finite Foto is a new media collective that investigates and promotes the intersection of photography and culture in the state of New Mexico. We are dedicated to bringing awareness to the global art community about both historical and contemporary photography from all regions of the state.

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