Call for Work: World Identity Lab


Identity is partly defined by belonging to a particular group and by social roles, the "us". On the other hand, identity also exists, at least in our society, in the encounter with our own uniqueness, the "me", which each individual experiences in his or her own way.
Am I woman or wife, sister or colleague, freelancer or animal rights activist, single traveller or Brit? Am I man or husband, employed or Argentine, ambulance driver or social democrat, French or European? What am I? Everything at the same time.

Today identity is not confined to your profession alone. Modern identity is defined by a multitude of identifications and self-perceptions. Everybody has access to an almost indefinite spectrum of micro- and macro identities. These can be found, analysed and challenged in the world identity lab.

What is the world identity lab?

The world identity lab is a non-commercial experimental platform, created by moodley brand identity, that looks into different levels of what we call "identity" on a worldwide basis.
The main focus is identity as an overall theme, in its exuberant varieties. The wants and needs of people and the resulting patterns of behaviour within their specific social and cultural environment is the main area of interest. Micro- and macro identities, identity as a social role, identity as identification with a social group, identity as a summary of attributes that differentiate people from each other.

What does the world identity lab want?

The world identity lab wants to
- discover
- capture
- cross-link
- uncover and visualize

The platform has a seismographic function, inviting motivated people to contribute to the concept of "identity" with their opinions and observations in a visual or journalistic way.
The goal is to reach interesting personalities worldwide and engage them as contributors to the lab. The vision of the experiment "world identity lab" is to create a worldwide network for interactive information exchange.
In the future our desire is for the network to develop further, from a platform for interaction on an intellectual and emotional level to one of mutual exchange on a commercial level.

How does the world identity lab work?

Our goal is to build a worldwide network through various channels by
a) conducting an intensive search for interesting contemporaries and existing platforms on the internet and collaborating with them

b) initiating projects on an array of topics and obtaining contributions from around the world

c) publishing printed journals that manifest the subject-matter and the network. These will be posted or, as the case may be, made available to all contributors. The current progress of the publication will be available for monitoring on the website.
The entire process of the project (successes and failures) will be documented by us in the blog on the website and therefore open for comments from each and everyone for discussion.

Current project nr. 1 – identity sucks!

What is it all about? A lone wolf or a group, sex or love, a fight or a cuddle, art or commerce, revolt or bank job? What is your goal? And why? What are the concerns of identity seekers all over the world for growing (up) their identity? What conditions does our world offer to young people in their search for self-discovery?

We are looking for photographs of teenagers from around the world, their first name, age and home city. We are seeking answers to the question of what their personal life goal is and why. It will be exciting to find out what factors - age, social structure, cultural background, etc. - influence the lives of young people and what commonalities (or differences) there are between countries.

Place of residence
What is your life goal?
And why?

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