On Portfolio Reviews via Conscientious

Jörg Colberg asked if I would like to answer a few questions pertaining to the relevancy of portfolio reviews in the contemporary photography market. The responses from a few professionals-- photographers, gallerist, photo editors and other professionals-- can be find the on the Conscientious blog. The four questions are

Q: What do you see as the purpose of a portfolio review?

Q: What questions might photographers ask themselves before deciding to
go to one (or apply for one)?

Q: What should a photographer do to make a portfolio review worth
her/his while?

Q: If you attended (a) portfolio review(s) as a photographer in the past
what did you learn from it (them)?

Currently, he has posted the
responses from David Bram of Fraction, Jörg Colberg, Andrew Hetherington, Bill Hunt, David Sebbah (Sr. Art Director at T, The New York Times Style Magazine), Brian Ulrich and me.

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