Photography Book Now Call for Entry

I have a request from my friend Darius Himes to post the info about the Photography Book Now call for entry. Well, I do not think he wanted me to post it because he never reads the blog. He just wanted to use my expansive email list, but I am posting nevertheless. Here is the info he emailed me:

A couple weeks ago, a photography book competition called Photography.Book.Now was launched, sponsored by Blurb.com and various other partners. The grand prize is $25,000 (!!!) for the winner to complete any photography project they want, anywhere in the world. Simply entering the competition gives entries a chance to be reviewed by a distinguished group of panelists including:

Darius Himes, co-founder of Radius Books
Jen Bekman, Jen Bekman Gallery
Elisabeth Biondi, The New Yorker
Frish Brandt, Fraenkel Gallery
Charlotte Cotton, Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Stephen Gill, Photographer
Lesley A. Martin, Aperture Books
Alan Rapp, Chronicle Books
Kathy Ryan, The New York Times
Brian Ulrich, photographer
Denise Wolff, Phaidon Press

The deadline for submission is July 14th, rapidly approaching! Get your work organized and submitted soon, and invite any other colleagues or former students.

Lots of important people, but notice my name is not on the list. Well, one day...

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Unknown said...

For the record, I read this blog!
Darius Himes