Liz and the Sonia Braga doppelganger

Liz, © Will Steacy

Ever since Kiss of the Spiderwoman, I have loved Sonia Braga. Now, every day, the Sonia Braga look-a-like walks by my window at work looking like she was clothed from the wardrobe department of Grease, Olivia Newton-John as virgin or greaser, depending on the day. I stop and watch her every day. It is not love or lust, but a mild obsession; I have to look at her.

A year or so ago, a card was mailed to my office. It was a postcard for a show of Will Steacy's work and on the front was the image of
Liz. It was probably for Darius, but I took it anyway. I have to look at Liz like I do the Braga doppelganger (I love this word). I do not want to know her, or be her friend, or girlfriend. I want to watch her with the frozen wind in her hair.

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