Fazal Sheikh in Santa Fe tonight!

A few years ago, David Byrne came to Santa Fe for the Look into the Eyeball tour to do a show at the Paolo Soleri Amphitheater. Si* opened for him. He was accompanied by horns, violins, and many witty stories. In addition to admiring him for his music, I am quite in awe of him as a human being. So, when I walk into the front of photo-eye to find David Byrne standing at the front counter, I was beside myself. In Santa Fe, you happen upon celebrities often and usually respect his or her privacy. I could not keep away from David Byrne, I got his autograph, (on a full piece of letterhead "MELANIE JANUARY DAVID BYRNE) and I also believe I drooled on him. He recently, last month to be exact, played again in Albuquerque. He did not come to photo-eye. I like to think that he did not have the time and he did not stay away because of the crazy redhead.

I think what I like so much about David Byrne is not only his big brain and his amazing talent, but his desire to share his talents and those of others with the world. Aside from my enamored feelings, there are many connections between David Byrne and Fazal Sheikh. Although driven by different motivations, Fazal gives and gives--through his photographic projects, books and exhibitions. Proceeds from the sale of the International Human Rights Series go to International Human Rights Fund. You can find out about Fazal's life and projects at his site, FazalSheikh.org.

Fazal Sheikh is lecturing at College of Santa Fe, Tipton Hall sponsored by Santa Fe Art Institute TONIGHT! It is cheap to get in, only $5 and $2.50 for students. If you are reading this and you can make it to Santa Fe, New Mexico tonight, more details can be found at the Santa Fe Art Institute site.

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