Errata Editions on Press at 5b4

Jeff Ladd at 5b4.com has been sharing his experience of printing four titles for his new imprint
Errata Editions.

Not that Ladd has created these entries to compliment my mission, but he is promoting my belief in democratic books (to borrow a term from the website of that name, democraticbooks.org) by making the books affordable and also sharing the experience of
five days on press in China.

Errata Editions, founded by Jeff Ladd, photographer Ed Grazda and a third partner, will be producing a series called Books on Books, which will reproduce, along with scholarly essays, Atget, Photographe de Paris, Walker Evans's American Photographs, Sophie Ristelhueber's Fait, and Chris Killip's In Flagrante. Take a look at his detailed description of the aforementioned titles and the on press story.

PS One of my favorite books is
Sophie Ristelhueber's Details of the World.

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