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Issue Eight: Photojournalism

Photographs are an important tool to help us understand what’s going on around us. Whether it’s coverage of an extremely local event or a global disaster, without photographs we would have less understanding of important events. For our June issue, Finite Foto is showcasing photographers who keep us up to date on important events at home and abroad.


© Dan Milnor

Melanie McWhorter showcases Dan Milnor, who has been pursuing many documentary projects that are dear to his heart or intriguing to his mind.


© Roberto Rosales

David Ondrik sat down with Roberto Rosales, a staff photographer at the Albuquerque Journal, to discuss photography, teaching, blogging, and film.


© Tina Larkin

Jonathan Blaustein brings the images of Tina Larkin, the award winning staff photographer for the Taos News.


© Michael Benanav

Jennifer Schlesinger presents two portfolios of New Mexico freelance photographer Michael Benanav’s images, one on the Gurez Valley of Kashmir and the other on the Van Gujjar of Northern India.

Finite Foto is a new media collective that investigates and promotes the intersection of photography and culture in the state of New Mexico. We are dedicated to bringing awareness to the global art community about both historical and contemporary photography from all regions of the state.
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