Save College of Santa Fe and Santa Fe Art Institute

Dear Friends of the Santa Fe Art Institute,

As most of you know, the Santa Fe Art Institute sits on the campus of the College of Santa Fe, and as such, we are directly affected by the potential acquisition of the college by a state institution of higher education. Although we raised the funds to build our beautiful Ricardo Legoretta building and we have carefully maintained it for the last ten years, we do not own it. The SFAI building belongs to the College of Santa Fe. The SFAI is an independent 501(c)3, not affiliated with the college in any way except by location. If CSF is not acquired by NM Highlands through the NM Dept of Higher Education, they will declare bankruptcy and we will lose our building - our home. We would find ourselves having to relocate and reorganize all of our administration and programming at enormous energy and expense.

The following message is from the college and I'm urgently asking that friends of the SFAI take action on our behalf. So read on...

House Bill 577 goes to the House Education Committee on Friday morning at 8am.

1) Please take 2 minutes right now to email the House Education Committee members.

Here is a sample email that you can copy and paste into your email. Or, feel free to revise and make more personal if you have the time.

I am writing to the members of the House Education Committee to express my support for House Bill 577. College of Santa Fe is a crucial component in the economy of the city of Santa Fe and the state of New Mexico. Preserve this educational opportunity for both in-state and out-of-state students.

Thank you,

Your Name
City, St Zip

House Education Committee Members:
(please note that Rep. Rhonda King does not have an email address)
Representative Rick Miera - (D) Chair, rbmiera@comcast.net
Representative Rhonda S. King - (D) Vice Chair, (505) 986-4438
Representative Nora Espinoza - (R) Member, noralee@cableone.net
Representative Mary Helen Garcia - (D) Member, maryhelen.garcia@nmlegis.g
Representative Thomas A. Garcia - (D) Member, ocate@hotmail.com
Representative Karen E. Giannini - (D) Member, nmhousedistrict30@live.com
Representative Jimmie C. Hall - (R) Member, jimmie.hall@nmlegis.gov
Representative Dianne Miller Hamilton - (R) Member, dianne38john4132@zianet.com
Representative Dennis J. Roch - (R) Member, denroch@hotmail.com
Representative Sheryl Williams Stapleton - (D) Member, sheryl.stapleton@nmlegis.gov
Representative Jack E. Thomas - (D) Member, jpkthomas@prodigy.net

If you would like to email the entire committee, here are just the email addresses for you to copy and paste:
rbmiera@comcast.net; noralee@cableone.net; maryhelen.garcia@nmlegis.gov; ocate@hotmail.com; nmhousedistrict30@live.com; jimmie.hall@nmlegis.gov;
dianne38john4132@zianet.com; denroch@hotmail.com; sheryl.stapleton@nmlegis.gov;

2) Email this to your personal contacts and ask your friends and neighbors in NM to do the same.
Thank you, in advance, for your help.
Michelle Laflamme-Childs
Residency & Marketing/PR Director
Santa Fe Art Institute

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